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Web Hosting Reviews

This is the reviews of web hosting services that I actually used in the past or have been using for some time. These reviews may be useful because the Web seems to be filled with apparently false reviews.

However, situations certainly differ from one server to another within the same service offered by the same comapny, so you may need to check things out by actually renting one to be completely sure about how things are going at a given web hosting service. Furthermore, situations change from time to time. So the perfomance of a web server can be good at one time but bad at another time. Mostly several months after you register, the perfomance of your server deteriorates.

That being said, you are the one who has to decide after all. So, good luck.
2GBHosting  My rating: Okay

StableHost  My rating: very bad

MochaHost (Stats coming soon)  My rating: bad

January 3, 2011 Updated
January 1, 2011 First Uploaded

Sennin's Shield > Web Hosting Reviews