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StableHost seems to expels any customer that give them trouble. It may be a customer who writes about them on the Web or a customer who complains about something.

StableHost - average server performance

StableHost ( did not cause any big technical problem while I was with them for over a year. Surely there were times when their servers were down for a short time. Let's say they are the average web hosting company in terms of their server performance.

Horrible customer relations

However, their customer relations are horrible. At the end of my first year with them, I had a serious problem with my computer and was unable to access the Internet. While I was fixing my computer, my invoice from StableHost became overdue.

That is nothing to note. I have been a webmaster for many years, and I have been taking care of many websites. So, this kind of things actually happen a few times a year. So, as usual, I contacted my web hosting company, in this case, StableHost, and asked for information as to how I could recover my website in question.

They did, and I paid my invoice, following their instructions. I was also asked to pay for a late fee of 2 U.S. dollars for this delay, and surely I did.

StableHost kickis out a loyal customer for writing about them on a web forum

I wrote about these on a web forum as things went on. So, naturally while I was waiting for their reply to my support ticket, I wrote so. I waited for hours for their reply, so I wrote that I had been waiting for hours for their reply. But that seems to have made their CEO mad because they claim on their website that they would reply to a support ticket within 15 minutes.

What they did was to kick me out of their servers immediately. Surely they may have the right to cancel anyone's account if they have a good reason. But is this a good reason?

StableHost: "Move out in 24 hours!"

Even so, it is not appropriate to cancel a customer's account so suddenly. After all they only gave me 48 hours to move out. Everyone knows that it is almost impossible to adequately move from one hosting company to another. It takes a lot of time to find another hosting company, and besides it takes up to 14 days or even more to spread new DNS information all over the world. Moreover, when I confirmed StableHost's intention to expel me, they gave me only 24 hours.

Expelled for writing "I have been waiting for their reply for hours now."

Some people who learned about this incideent say that StableHost expelled me because I did not pay. That is absolutely wrong. I paid my money. The only reason that StableHost gave me is that they could not live up to my expectations. That refers to the time they need to reply to a support ticket. In other words, they did not like my web forum post that says that I had been waiting for hours.

StableHost's possible policy: Kick out anyone who gives us a headache.

In any case, normal companies expel their customers for writing about them on a web forum. But that is not the case with StableHost. You need to know that before you decide to register with them. I have read several other former StableHost customers' experience on the Web, and it seems that they expel anyone that they do not like. "Expel anyone who gives us a headache" seems like their standard policy.

StableHost calls writing about a web hosting company one uses "ABUSE"

Some people might still question my story, so I decided to show the screen shot of the support ticket in question. Since my full name is displayed in my support ticket, I have changed it to Sennin.

StableHost support ticket which terminated my StableHost account calling writing about them in a web forum ABUSE

StableHost support ticket which terminated my StableHost account
calling writing about them in a web forum "ABUSE"
"We can't live up to your expectations."
"Your web hosting is set to cancel in 24 hours."

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