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Opera 9.63

Very Fast to Start up and Very Fast to Access

Opera is very fast to start up and very fast to access. It is like Netscape 7.0.

MHTML (Web Archive / single-file saving) Compatible

Opera can save webpages in the MHTML format. In other words, it can save a webpage in a single file. This funciton is a feature of Internet Explorer 6.0. But when Internet Explorer 6.0 fails to save a webpage in the MHTML format, Opera is often able to do the job. Opera seems to be a must-have browser in this regard.

Favicon Trouble

Many websites have their own favicons. But Opera seems to have trouble with them. Opera sometimes shows the wrong favicon for the wrong website, and it often cannot be fixed even if you delete Opera altogether and reistall it. Information regarding favicons must be stored somewhere in my computer, but I have not been able to locate it yet. In any case, this problem cannot be fixed in any normal way.

Unable to Delete Private Information Completely

Netscape 9.0, Firefox 2.0 and Firefox 3 can delete private information when you exit them, but Opera does not have that choice.

Confusing Bookmark Organizing System

Firefox 2 and Firefox 3 have a confusing bookmark organizing system, but Opera's bookmark organizing system is even wrose. It is difficult to understand how to move bookmarks.

Avoiding Google

Opera can be used to avoid Google, and I use it mainly for that purpose.

Unwanted Bookmarks

Opera has unwanted advertisement bookmarks. These bookmarks cannot be removed. You can move them to the bottom of the bookmark list, but it is difficult to do so because the bookmark organizing system is very confusing.

Sennin's Shield > Computer Software > Comparing Web Browsers > Opera 9.63