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Netscape 7.0

Easy to Open and Cose Tabs: Intuitively Fitting Positions of the Tab Buttons

Netscape 7.0 has some important features that others do not have. It has an open-tab button on the left and a close-tab button on the right. These positions are "intuitively" fitting, and they are convenient too. When you want to close multiple tabs one by one as you check each of them, you just need to click, click, click without having to move your mouse. With Netscape 7.1 or 7.2, this is not the case.

Easy to Copy Anchor Texts

Also Netscape 7.0 can easily copy anchor texts of hyperlinks. Other browsers often fail to do so and are irritating. Since on many websites article titles (usually enclosed by "H1" tags) are also marked by "A" link tags, Netscape 7.0 is very convenient when you want to save webpages. Since I am a webmaster and often need to copy anchor texts as well as their link locations on my own websites, Netscape 7.0 is a must-have browser.

Netscape 7.0 Can Beat Google

Since I am a webmaster, it is a frightening reality that Google may be following me around on the Internet, around the globe, all the time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, for my entire life. I just have to find a way to lose Google. The use of Netscape 7.0 is probably one of the best ways to do it. It even does not have a Google search box in the first place. The use of Google's browser Chrome is out of the question in this regard. I have no intention of letting myself enslaved by Google.

Problem wtih registry.dat

The only problem with it is you need to change its "registry.dat" attribute to "read only." Otherwise your computer will stop working normally in five years or so. Then you need to delete the registry.dat while Netscape 7.0 is runnning, and then close it. That way you will be okay, that is, for another five years or so.

Problems Caused by A Small Number of Netscape 7.0-Unfriendly Websites

Another problem with it is that you cannot make a comment at the Flock website and some other websites with Netscape 7.0. Probably the Flock people do not use Netscape 7.0. I would normally avoid visiting such websites or use Netscape 9.0 if I had to visit them.

Sennin's Shield > Computer Software > Comparing Web Browsers > Netscape 7.0