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Flock 2

Fast Enough to Start Up

Flock 1.x is slow to start, but Flock 2.x seems to start up more or less quickly. It is not as fast as Firefox or Netscape 7.0, but it is fast enough.

Much less Troublesome to Bookmark

Flock 2 has about the same system of bookmarking as Firefox 3. It is much less troublesome than Flock 1.x. It may be said that Flock 2 is usable though not as good as Netscape 7.0.

Unwanted Communication Features

Flock 2.x seems to have some kind of communication features, but I do not need them. So I have never used them.

A Way to Avoid Google

I did not use Flock 2 very long, but I used it to avoid giving Google unnecessary information along with other browsers such as Netscape 7.0, Netscape 8.1.3, and Opera 9.63.

Flock 2 Crashes Netscape 7.0

When I access some websites, Netscape 7.0 crashes. This stated to happen right after I installed Flock 2. The problem was not fixed by deleting Flock 2, so I reinstalled everything except Flock 2. When Netscape 7.0 crashes, it shows a Flashwave Player error message saying, "The plug-in performed an illegal action...." Since Netscape 7.0 is much more important to me than Flock 2, I have dropped Flock 2 at least for now.

Sennin's Shield > Computer Software > Comparing Web Browsers > Flock 2