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Firefox 2.0

Fast and Steady

Not surprisingly, Firefox 2.0 is fast and steady since Netscape 9.0, which is based on Firefox 2.0, is just that.

The Color is Nice

Firefox is orange in color. It is nice to have bright colors for browsers sometimes because I am bored with the dark colors of all the other web browsers. It might be a good idea if we can change colors of our browsers sometimes.

Firefox Has a Problem Accessing Google

Firefox 2 looks like Netscape 9.0, but it cannot access Google U.S. directly though I use the U.S. English version. That is probably because I live in Japan, but I do need to access Google U.S. Google U.S. shows different search results from Google Japan. When I use Firefox 2, I am first forced to access Google Japan, then I have to click on a link to jump to Google U.S. So I have Google Toolbar installed on it and set its search box with Google U.S. But that way the search box for Google U.S. cannot be enlarged, so it is a little problematic when you want to enter a long search word string.

A Substitute for Netscape 7.0 and Netscape 9.0

I use Firefox 2 in order to avoid the possibility of crashing Netscape 9.0 or 7.0 when I need to access many websites. Some of them might have problems, and then I might lose all that I was viewing. By using several browsers at the same time, I reduce the risk of crashing.

A Little Troublesome Bookmarking

Bookmarking with Firefox 2 is a little troublesome and confusing. It does have a good feature in regard to bookmarking like dragging and dropping bookmarks in the bookmarks menu. However, when you bookmark a webpage, you need to click and search in the dropdown list. It is rather bothersome. It is also a little difficult to copy and paste bookmarks in the place where you want them when you organize the bookmarks.

Sennin's Shield > Computer Software > Comparing Web Browsers > Firefox 2.0